Let us make your lawn like Nu*

At Nu-Lawn we are committed to helping your lawn be healthy and beautiful. We take pride in the service that we offer and will work with you to reach your ideal picture of what your lawn should look like.


Get a jump-start on crabgrass early in the year before it starts! We can treat your lawn during the first application of the season for this stubborn weed.


During each application to work with your lawn to promote growth and sustain a lush color through the warmer months. Protect  your lawn during dormancy.

Weed Control

Working with your yard to control the growth of thistles, plantains, dandelions, clover and other broadleaf weeds.

Insect Control

Protect your yard against sod-web worms, grubs and other insects that can make your lawn unhealthy.

Safety for Children and Pets

Peace of Mind

Healthy Lawn Year-Round

Other Services

Grub Prevention

Does your yard have dead patches you just can’t get to grow? You might have a grub problem! Grubs can ruin a yard, no matter how well maintained.  We offer grub prevention services each July. Please call by June 30th to schedule grub prevention.


Yes, your lawn needs to breathe! We can help decompress your lawn and give it the air it needs through aeration. Aeration is provided each year in November just before the lawn goes dormant. Please call by October 1st to schedule aeration.

Spot Seeding

Removed a swing set or trampoline and now there’s no grass?  Or maybe you’ve redecorated your yard and now there’s a bare spot? We can help! Contact us for an on-site consultation and we can get your lawn looking Nu* again!


Overseeding your lawn is beneficial for various reasons. It helps improve grass
density, enhances lawn health, and promotes better resistance to pests and
diseases. It also contributes to better weed control by reducing space for
unwanted plants to thrive.

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