Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What kind of contract do I have to sign?

We have no contract that we require you to sign. You may cancel at anytime. Please refer to our services page for more information or call us.

What is Nu-Lawn’s service guarantee?
We guarantee your satisfaction all season long with only 4 APPLICATIONS or your money back on your last application upon your request. We will not stop working until you are satisfied.
How safe are Nu-Lawn’s applications for my children and pets?

Our products are registered for use on home lawns and contain many of the same active ingredients that are found in products that can be bought at the local garden store. Used by our specialists, in strict compliance with labeled instructions, they do not represent any significant threat to your family or pets.

How long should people and pets stay off the lawn after treatment?
If liquid weed control or insect control was applied, please stay off the grass until the liquid has dried.

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