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Nu-Lawn - Your Professional Lawn Care Company - Proudly Serving Clark, Champaign, and Madison Counties in Ohio
Products: Our lawn grogram gives your lawn the proper rate and timing of applications (nutrients, weed controls, and insect controls). The result is a beautiful lawn all season long.
STEP 1: Spring (February, March, and April)
Fertilizer  to help bring your lawn out of winter dormancy.
Weed Control  to get an early start against dandelions, clover, thistles, plantain, and other broadleaf weeds.
Pre-emergent  to control crabgrass.
STEP 2: Early Summer (May and June)
Fertilizer  to prepare your lawn for the hot, dry weather ahead.
Weed Control  to rid your lawn of pesky dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.
Insect Control  to protect your lawn from sod web-worms and chinch bugs.
STEP 3: Late Summer (July and August)
Fertilizer  to help sustain its green color all summer long.
Weed Control  to control summer re-growth of broadleaf weeds.
Insect Control  to control active chinch bugs and sod web-worms.
STEP 4: Fall (September, October, and November)
Fertilizer  to keep your lawn thick and green for the remainder of the season and to prepare it for the long, cold winter ahead.
Weed Control  to free your lawn of the remaining broadleaf weeds.
How Our Program Works:

You sign no contract. Nu-Lawn will continue to service your lawn year after year(4 times a year) until you notify us to discontinue the service.

You need not be present when an application is made. The invoice and appropriate lawn information will be left at your door.

If at anytime you wish to discontinue the service, if you are dissatisfied with the specific application, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us immediately.

We GUARANTEE your satisfaction all season long with only 4 APPLICATIONS or your money back on your last application upon your request.
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